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Modern unit of  5,000 sq. ft.                                               


Takisawa EX110                        400mm dia x 710mm

Nakamura CNC TMC30

      with Bar feed                       300mm dia x 1.0m

Harrison CNC 500                      500mm dia x 1.5m 
Harrison M400                           400mm dia x 1.5m
Harrison M300                           300mm dia x 1.0m                

CNC Milling & Boring:

X Axis       Y Axix         Z Axis  

Haas VF1 Machine Ctr    514mm      410mm        400mm

Haas VF2 Machine Ctr    762mm      406mm        508mm
Haas Minimill M/C           406mm     305mm        254mm

Deckel CNC FP5A          700mm      600mm        430mm
Deckel CNC FP4NC        500mm      300mm        300mm

Deckel CNC FP4A          500mm      300mm        300mm

Deckel CNC FP4A          500mm      300mm        300mm
Deckel CNC FP2A          400mm      300mm        300mm
Turret Mill with DRO        300mm      1000mm      350mm 


Rotary Table                  20" dia x 8" Stroke         

Gear/Spline Cutting:

Horizontal                       60mm dia x 500mm
between centres 


Jones & Shipman Surface                                   250mm x 375mm x 250mm 


Horizontal Bandsaw                 250mm dia
Vertical Bandsaw                    500mm Throat 

Inspection Equipment:      

CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine                     
1000mm x 500mm x 400mm        

Various electronic callipers, micrometers, comparitors and gauges.                       


Shot Blast Cabinet         1m³      
Cranage                         2 ton

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